Maximise Your Manufacturing Assets

​Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing assets with our cutting-edge solutions. Collect real-time data, regardless of your machine’s, brand, model, age or interface, empowering data-driven decisions to achieve peak efficiency, productivity, innovation and safety.

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Unique Tracking Solutions

Introducing the MachTracker – a device that connects to manufacturing machines irrespective of their brand, model, age or interface. It efficiently transmits real-time data to a secure cloud-based server, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance.

Cloud-Based Server

All data is securely transmitted to a cloud-based server, accessible anytime, anywhere. Customise your online platform with tailored notification and alerts, supporting day-to-day management, enabling remote oversight, freedom and peace of mind.

Optimise Your Manufacturing Assets

Leverage data-driven insights to optimise efficiency, productivity, innovation and safety. Enhance transparency and accuracy in reporting, track progress, measure the effectiveness of improvements and stay competitive with the international market.

Who We Are

We are passionate about supporting small to medium-sized businesses to optimise their manufacturing assets, streamline operations and enhance efficiency, ensuring the Australian manufacturing industry remains competitive with the international market.​

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Our comprehensive support services include installation, platform customisation, personnel training, and ongoing assistance, ensuring you fully harness the benefits of the data collected from your manufacturing assets.

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